Only 22 Days Until Christmas?

It’s less than a month til Christmas and if you are still thinking about whether or not to mail Holiday Cards this year, here are some things to consider as to why you should.

Holiday Cards can add that little “extra” something in keeping and growing your relationships (both personal and business). Maybe there’s someone you haven’t talked with in a while, or maybe it’s been years since you sent them a Christmas card. Remembering them with a special holiday greeting can break the ice. You can reconnect and let them know that they are special to you (still). Or, maybe it’s a new acquaintance and you want to make a good impression. You remember the old adage right? … you never get second chance to make a first impression.

Paper card vs. E-card? I think we all know, and it’s been well documented that people ignore more than half of the emails they receive on a daily basis. Unless we are specifically looking for an email, or something is being offered that we want or need, the email gets a glance over (if the sender is lucky)… more often it gets an “I’ll go back and read it later”. But, if you are like me (and I know you like me), we never seem to get a round to it. Where is that round-to-it by the way? Will somebody please get me one for Christmas??? And yes, sometimes it just simply gets deleted. A printed holiday card that comes in the mail, however, is always opened and enjoyed! These cards are proudly displayed in homes and offices for all to see.

What better way to convey your special message and to honor traditions that make Christmas an important part of our lives than to send a card? It’s a personal way to say to friends, family and colleagues, “I remember”! I remember the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree, I remember all of the smells… of pine, of snow in a can, and mom’s baking. I remember the parties, and I remember the music. I remember the anticipation of Christmas morn. I remember the good times. I remember the reason for the season… and, I remember you!

Although the days, hours, minutes and seconds are flying by until it’s Christmas, there’s still time have your own personalized holiday card designed just for you. It’s an easy way to express your thoughtfulness and appreciation to those you care for and value in your life, both personally and professionally. Contact AWL by December 8 and have a special card designed just for you… just in time to mail for Christmas!

Always with Love!

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