We Are Marshall!

Today is Anniversary of the Marshall University Plane Crash

I was almost 9 years old when Dennis Blevins died in that plane crash, alongside with almost the entire Marshall University “Thundering Herd” football team and coaches and the flight crew, fans and supporters. I vividly remember that fateful night, November 14, 1970 – watching the TV with my family to see if Dennis’ name was included in the list of those who had died. I remember the names scrolling by, one by one and praying that his name was not there. I remember the sadness that I felt once I saw his name.

Dennis was a great friend of the family – you could say he was “one of the family” as he seemed to always be at our house. I am sure that my brothers and sisters have many more memories than I do, but I remember that he was nice to me and played with me. He treated me like a “little sister” and was my brother’s best friend… and I remember those matching shiny jackets that he and my brother wore to their high school (Park Central) prom — I wish I could find those pictures! Dennis was the reason I decided to attend Marshall University.

The last time we went to flower the graves of our dearly departed loved ones on Memorial Day, I noticed Dennis’ grave near my father’s grave and sister’s marker – it seemed fitting that he was so close… as we laid a flower next to his name. Remembering you Dennis, especially today, but Always with Love… Never Without!

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  1. Marco Dowell says:

    I too knew Dennis as family, actually as a cousin. That night was a nightmare for me and I re-lived it many times over. I remember Dennis as a good guy and was proud of him for going to college and setting his life on a brighter path. Thank you so very much for remembering Dennis and the rest of that special Thundering Herd the same way I do; Always with LOVE, never without!

    Sincerely with love,

    Marco Dowell

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