Girlfriends R 4ever!

Today is… National Girlfriend’s Day!

What would we do without our sista-girls, confidants, shopping buddies, dinner companions, and traveling girlfriends? 

Today spend time and share laughs, information, updates… with your best girlfriend(s).  And let us be sure to inspire, support and encourage each other!

Even if you can’t get together on this day – go ahead and plan it – don’t wait or procrastinate. Here are a few ways to celebrate:

Get a mani/pedi. Visit your favorite spa or salon together (one of my all time favorite things to do with my girlfriends!).

Go wine tasting. Find out when the local wine shops have a wine tasting or go winery hopping at a few wineries (if you are near Gordonsville, VA, try Horton Winery. I love, love, love! their Blueberry Wine. They are open for tastings 7 Days a Week from 10 am – 5 pm). Hmmm… can you say “Road trip?!”.

Friends are like wine, they get better with age.

Get Artsy. Take an art class together and create a work of art for each other.

Give to your community. Donate your time to a soup kitchen or shelter. Check out Minnie’s Food Pantry — they are doing great things!

Bucket list. Make a list of the 10 things you’ve never done, but always wanted to do (before you “kick the bucket”), and promise each other to do at least one thing on each of your lists together at least every 3-6 months.

Plan a girlfriend get-away. Check out Tyland Travel — the go-to lady for group/event based travel! — and plan a mini-break to take together… but just don’t plan it, do it!

Couch potatoes for a Day. Rent the entire series of your favorite TV series and watch back to back episodes of it.  Be sure to have popcorn handy, order pizza or from your favorite “takeout for dinner place”… and don’t forget dessert!

Calories don’t count when you are having dinner with your girlfriends.

Have a heart-to-heart. Maintain a strong friendship by having a necessary, but put off heart-to-heart talk to work through any problems you may have in your relationship. Keep it strong!

A good long talk can cure almost anything!

Donate your clothing. Go through your closets together and set aside anything that doesn’t fit or look good on you anymore (your girlfriends will tell you the truth!). Donate the clothes, shoes, jewelery to your local organizations that accept used clothes, etc.

Sweat together. Go for a run or bike through your local park or hit the gym or the local YMCA/YWCA.

Muse at a museum. Visit one or two art museums and talk about the paintings, prints and sculptures that inspire you.

But wait…there’s more?  Check out Girlfriend Getaways for all kinds of Girl Time ideas!


and Happy Happy Birthday to my very best girlfriend in the whole wide world… My Mom!  HAPPY 80TH !!

Always with Love for you Mom!!

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